[text* Participant'sDateOfBirth class:wbk-text id:DateOfBirth]

    Does the participant have any of the following?

    Asthma or bronchitis

    Heart condition

    Fits, fainting or blackout

    Allergies to drugs or medicines

    Other allergies (foods, materials etc

    Travel sickness

    Prescribed medicines

    Is the participant receiving medical treatment?

    Has the participant recently received surgical treatment?

    Has the participant been given specific instructions to follow in case of medical emergency?

    The participant has received a tetanus injection in the last five years

    I consent to take part/ to the participant's taking part in training activities

    I understand that some of these activities may include water but I/ the participant will be under instruction at all times.

    I consent to any emergency treatment necessary during the course of the programme.

    I authorise the Course Leader to sign, on my behalf, any written forms of consent required by hospital authorities should surgical operation or serum injection be deemed necessary and, provided that delay required to obtain my signature might be considered (in the opinion of the doctor or surgeon concerned), likely to endanger the health and safety of myself/ the participant.

    How did you hear about Northney Coastal Centre?

    Poster/ flyer

    Marketing email

    Social media

    Recommended by a friend

    Northney Marina advertising

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